Omniventures offers service providers with an end-to-end suite of installation services that meet the requirements of any network deployment. Through established processes, product expertise and intelligent soft-tools, Omniventures enables wireless operators to meet mission critical deployment schedules with optimal network integrity.
Beside above, omniventures offers resource management involving a pool of outsourced staff, this reduces complexity to the mainstream vendors by offering : increased efficiency, faster and better services while enhancing focus on core areas. In this aspect we have been providing riggers, test drive and NMC teams to Nokia in Kenya and Rwanda.

Key Features

    • Improve time to revenue by enabling operators to meet mission critical deployment schedules .
    • Reduce deployment risk with seamless network deployment enabling minimum impact to end customers.
    • Maximize return on CAPEX through efficient deployment focusing on either maintenance ,capacity or optimisation .

Focus areas

    • Radio & Transmission network design.
    • Logistic management and warehousing
    • Switching/BTS/Mini link survey installation ands planning.
    • Switching/BTS/Mini link installation, testing, integration & troubleshooting.
    • Transmission systems (PDH, SDH optical fiber).
    • Technical start up support & maintenance.
    • Operations and Maintenance.
    • Network optimization.
    • Project management & planning.
    • Shelter assembly, l-Beam installation, AC/DC power installation & alarm systems.
    • Quality assurance
    • Fiber rollout
    • Core network installation
    • Satelite Installation
    • IP RAN & LTE